Our Virtual Tuition Centres are perfect

for all your learning support needs

Just £18 per month for 4 one hour sessions 


What you get:

  • Individualised access to our study programme

  • Virtual Tuition Centre sessions with experienced UK tutors any day of the week
    (1-2-1 attention and coaching)

  • Easy to understand reports to measure progress


My Own Tutor Introduction

Our Virtual Tuition Centres provide a complete learning support system for your child, by focusing on the child’s needs and abilities. Backed by a comprehensive study programme that follows the British National Curriculum your child will be tutored by well qualified and experienced British tutors in the virtual tuition centre. The tutor will check the child’s knowledge on the subject by both interacting with the student and also reviewing the tasks / exercises completed on the on-line study programme and focus on areas that need improvement and practice, and deliver what is needed.

My Own Tutor offers an affordable, effective and focused solution to help your children engaged and interested in their learning process. Our methods are built on the understanding of the 6 elements which make for successful learning. Our study programme was specifically designed with these principles at its heart. This makes our Virtual Tuition Centre no different to any other tuition centres. These 6 element supports every child and help them discover their potential.

There are a number of elements which make for success when a child is studying at home. (Hover over each element)

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Our Virtual Tuition Centres have been designed to address

all of these elements.

There are never more than 10 students in the study session. During the study session we expect them (under our tutor’s supervision) to be getting on with their schoolwork or My Own Tutor work. When they encounter a problem, they put up their virtual hand and the tutor helps them individually while the other students get on with their work. Using the reports in My Own Tutor, the tutor can also help the student on an individual basis in the topics that the student needs additional support. And after the session, the student can use the My Own Tutor study programme to practise any subject or topic they like. Children are motivated to practice more questions as there are incentives in-built in the programme to get them working.

Unlike other tuition centres



  • We have a 24/7 study programme which includes lessons and exercises for Maths, English and Science

  • Exercises in all other subjects up to GCSE

  • Our programme follows the British National Curriculum

  • Reports, you can look at any time which show at topic level where your children need help

  • Weekly email reports summarising last week’s work

  • Individual help on topics that your child needs help with through our virtual tuition centres


All for just £18 per month! With 2 children just £34 per month, and for 3 children just £48 per month, with each of them having their own individualised study programme and reports.