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My Own Tutor Sri Lanka is a unique online tuition service that follows the British curriculum offering the best customized learning support for students ranging from year 1 to year 11.

We offer a complete learning support through:

  • Online home study programmes

  • Live interactive lessons in a virtual classroom setting

  • 1:2:1 and targeted tutoring at an affordable price offered by
    professionally qualified and experienced British tutors

  • Targeted coaching for GCSE exams


All this at a very affordable price and at your convenience.

With over ten years of experience and having coached and delivered results for over 40,000 students this is first class education done right!


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Good Grades


What is "Tuition Without Limits"?

My Own Tutor – Sri Lanka is part of My Own Tutor Academy UK. With more than 10 years of experience in tutoring, we believe in TUITION WITHOUT LIMITS, as we have:

  • No limits to access because of price

  • No limits to what your children can achieve

  • No limits to the range of tuition services we will create and make available at truly affordable prices.


With TUITION WITHOUT LIMITS we are able to provide,

  • Regular support

  • Regular practice

  • Understanding mistakes as they happen

  • Focusing on areas that need improvement

  • And, incremental daily study

to our children, and with this they have a greater chance of success in their education.

Our service enables children to start learning at their own pace and ability, which helps them to engage and enjoy the learning experience as well as build confidence in the subject overtime. It is much more likely that they will enjoy the experience and feel the satisfaction of reward and achievement, when the learning is tailored to fit their ability and pace of learning.


High quality education, tuition and learning support should be available to all who want it. We aim to give every aspirational family, who value quality education, have access to a comprehensive, affordable and excellent tuition and learning support for their children.


Virtual Tuition Centre

Join our specialised tutors from the UK to perfect your academic skills, strengthen your understanding of new areas of study and revise for exams at incredibly affordable rates. Combined with our Essential Study Programme, our revision programmes for GCSE Maths, English and Science are the best way to ensure you achieve the grades you want (or better!)

Our virtual tuition centres offer 1:2:1 support and focus on areas on improvement, which could provide a cost effective and complete learning support system for your child.

My Own Tutor

Essential Study Programme

A complete learning support programme with exercises and lessons that follow the National Curriculum in Maths, English and Science. 

Exercises available in most other subjects as well such as Computing, French, German, Geography, etc.

Easy to understand reports to monitor progress at topic level

Games built in to the system to keep students engaged and motivated.


My Own Tutor offers the widest range of services

at the best prices,

delivering the best value



We work with aspirational parents who want the very best educational outcomes for their children.

  • Our program adapts itself to student levels and abilities and ensures fast progress is made through fun and engaging learning.

  • Parents have full control and transparency with weekly progress reports.

  • Our students own their journey through an individualised and engaging programme of learning that develops independent, ambitious learners - but with advice and guidance always at hand.



  • Clearly identify any gaps or weaknesses that a student might have

  • Are easy to understand and allow parents and students to see any progress made and areas that need more attention

  • Provide weekly emails to highlight the work completed and achievement in the previous week



“My daughter was lacking in confidence at school with all her GCSE subjects. Within a few days of signing up with My Own Tutor we are now on a path where her confidence has been boosted in all subjects, but where she needs some extra tuition, a tutor has been there to help her through the tricky maths techniques she was struggling with. We are so grateful for My Own Tutor and highly recommend them.” 


Z. C.  -  Parent